Makeup and Nail Polish | DIY Recipes

make your own colors with makeup and nail polish recipe tutorials

Making your own facial cosmetics from scratch and creating the perfect color nail polish is a fun DIY.   It's also a popular facet in the handmade market with exotic and unique combinations to style your signature look!

Its actually quite simple to do, just follow the links to Makers and their diy tutorials:

Classic red lipstick from a recipe tutorial by LaserAway on YouTube

Natural DIY Eyeliner & Eyeshadow diy from A Blossoming Life Blog

All Natural Homemade Foundation Powder  tutorial from Thank Your Body Blog

DIY Blush With Hibiscus That Actually Works diy from The Herbal Spoon Blog

Easy Homemade Mascara Recipe by Real Food RN Blog

How to Make Customized Nail Polish  from Soap Queen by Bramble Berry

Always be mindful of your personal health and consult your health professional about ingredients.  Pay attention to shelf life when making and using something natural without chemicals and preservatives. 

Get Glam!

~ Tala


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