Make Trendy 3D Resin Geode Art

learn about geodes and make geode art to match your home decor tutorial

Making your own trendy geode art is a perfect home DIY project that allows you to coordinate wall art and display vignettes with your home decor!

First, lets find out exactly what geodes are so that you can replicate your art with the actual rock.  Desert USA has a wonderful article explaining what these earth-like geode rocks are and the difference between a geode and a nodule.  Perhaps you may want to make a nodule instead using colorful semi-precious gemstones.

To help you get started making geode art, here is a video tutorial for creating an Opal Resin Geode from Rebecca The Frugal Resonista

How to display your Geode Art?   Get creative by making a glass terrarium and place your geode inside with similar objects, place your geode in an easel or a unique mineral stand,  or make a unique abstract display of geode wall art

mage trendy geode art using the latest craft techniques and supplies

Make it trendy with the latest craft supplies!  It couldn't be easier with all of the latest maker supply kits and techniques like adding fabulous crystal-like sparkling glass, fancy glitter and metallic paint pigments.  Here are a few DIY links to get you started:

Smaller items in Geode Art are very popular as handmade items in marketplaces,  most especially with jewelry, beverage coasters, wind chimes and garden art.

Be Creative!

~ Tala


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