Launch Your Handmade Blog | Step By Step Seller Tips

step by step tips on how to start blogging today

You thought about starting a handmade blog for your business and now your mind is set!  Lets begin.   

Although these tips apply to all platforms, I picked sources relating to starting a blog on Google’s Blogger and how you can apply them to your blog.  Follow along:

How to start a blog on Blogger
Watch this vibrant step by step insightful video for beginners that is loaded with great tips,  from Meg Says Blog

Focus your website and content on Users
In this short video narrated by a representative of Googles Search Quality Team, learn how to align your blog goals with Google's content goals.

Tips for Quality Content and Getting Found By Search Engines

SEO and Relevant Links explained from Website Magazine

Google SEO Starter Guide Link  from Google Search Console Help

Use Social Media
We all start with 0 followers somewhere as my pinterest will currently show you :-)  Worry not, as your blog grows your social media will grow, and as your social media grows so will your blog audience.

Set Blogging Goals and Organize
I keep a notebook and pen handy for my blog goals because I am always thinking and my tech may not be ready for my spontaneous brainstorming. Whatever works for you - make files, bookmark sites to folders and keep notes - staying organized keeps track of those ideas. Im secretly waiting for someone to invent a tool to follow me around so I can text to blog more productively with my voice and be mobile instead of sitting still while putting my fingers to task and redundantly transcribing from my notebook to my laptop while feeling my hips spread!

Achieve goals - 6 Ways To Get More Organised With Your Blog, from Lauren Victoria Blog

step by step beginner tips to launch your handmade blog

In my next post, I will wrap it up and discuss more creative and interactive tips with blog etiquette, using images, creating your own gadget badges and finding images, and submitting to blog feed communities.

Be Successful and Happy Blogging

~ Tala


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