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handmade marketplace photography made easy with an app

When I say easy handmade product photography .... I mean marketplace acceptable photos using just a white foam board from Staples and my phone camera with the Amazon Seller app - no matter the lighting or time of day and without a light box ..... from my work counter to finished listing in under an effortless 5 minutes!

I have struggled with product photos for years, invested a ton of money in cameras and software I do not use and spent a gazillion hours reading and studying until the white balance in my head went bonkers.  Remember 1000Markets? .... well, that's how long I have been selling online handmade jewelry and goods.... a really long time without mastering product photos.

Now as an Amazon Handmade Seller I am able to use the phone app and a feature in the app called Photo Studio.  The Photo Studio is intuitive and interactive automatically zooming, cropping or hinting to the adjustments that need to be made until it is satisfied with the photo or prompts me with a warning that the photo is not acceptable. 

We, as Handmade Sellers, have enough to do with making, marketing and customer service to gladly cross photography off of our time consuming tasks.

Why am I sharing this priceless tip with you?

Because I am also a shopper and handmade promoter - and I want to see your handmade beautiful!

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My next photography post will be about product features and things to consider when photographing your handmade work ... Stay tuned,



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