DIY 5 Recipes For A Handmade Spa Day

tutorials for soap, bubble bath, sugar scrub, candles and bath salts

There is nothing I love more than Sunday morning baths and I am quite fond of custom making my own spa products.   If you can follow these tutorial directions - you can do this too and you will thank me!  

So, look over the recipes, shop for the ingredients, plan your day, disconnect your tech and lock the door.....

Bubbling Bath Salts from The Idea Room

Cashmere Soap Recipe - 1 MINUTE video from the Soap Queen with a Cashmere Soap Supply Link

Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe -  from DIY Natural

And you absolutely need candles ..... the more the merrier, lots of candles .... ambiance, aromatherapy and all that good luxurious sexy stuff .... so here's a simple DIY Candle Tutorial from Instructables.


~ Tala


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