3 Exotic No Churn Ice Cream Recipes For Grown-Ups

I absolutely love homemade no churn ice cream and I love it even more with extra special plating presentations and served with exotic ingredients! 

First you need a base.   Making your own vanilla base no churn ice cream is super simple with just whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract as demonstrated in this tutorial by Foodie Crush Blog

vanilla base no churn ice cream recipe

Now for the deliciousness added to it!  No recipe needed for my favorite add-in suggestions, just a hunt for the ingredients from your local "wine" store and specialty markets

  • Soak some wild berries in Chambord and serve it in a tall stemmed glass
  • A coconut fusion with mint is an extraordinary flavor, especially mixed with pure vanilla.  Try substituting your vanilla in the base recipe with mint extract and add fresh coconut grated OR soak toasted coconut instead of freshly grated in a mint flavored liqueur.  Serve it up in a coconut shell

Have a grown up ice cream party and make it homemade style! 

~ Tala


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